Terms & Conditions


FESTIVAL RULES & CONDITIONS It is understood that in signing for and purchasing trade space at any Artisan Cheshire Events that the festival rules and conditions will be adhered to. Artisan Cheshire subsequently referred to in these terms and conditions as the Event Organisers. Artisan Cheshire do not recognise any other rules from other organisations / guilds. This application is for this event and for one year only, no return. Re-booking is required at every event. By booking in to any Artisan Cheshire Events you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

EXHIBITOR APPLICATIONS All bookings must be fully completed by date stated on booking form. A booking form alone will not secure your pitch. Your pitch will not be booked if payment is not made in full.

ALLOCATION OF EXHIBITOR SPACE The Event Organisers will allocate exhibitor space. We regret that exhibitors are not able to specify the exact location of their stand. Please note that exhibitors may express a preference for the area in which they wish to exhibit; however, spaces will normally be offered on a first come first served basis and cannot be guaranteed. The Event Organisers reserve the right to change the site plan at their discretion.

SUB-LETTING The sub-letting of all or part of a stall by an Exhibitor is forbidden unless authorised by the Event Organisers in writing prior to the event.

DESCRIPTION OF GOODS The application form for space must contain an accurate description of goods to be exhibited or sold. Only items of this description will be allowed. All goods sold at the festival must conform to current trading standards and other legislation. Any breach of this will result in removal from the event permanently. All exhibitors are required to display prominently on their stand full contact details (Business name, postal address, phone number); it is also helpful to display email address and website address. The use of radio microphones, amplification devices and music devices are strictly prohibited unless written permission is given. Exhibitor/trade stands must not sell hot food / drink to be consumed on site. If you wish to do this you must make an application as a Vendor. Anyone in breach of this will result in removal from the event permanently without any refund.

HEALTH & SAFETY All exhibitors must have public, product & employee liability insurance. At all times, whilst on the site, you will ensure that your stall and surrounding area, equipment and all or any other property is in a condition that is safe for all person who may reasonably and foreseeable come into contact with it or be affected by it. The Event Organisers and the Environmental Health Officer reserve the right of inspection, before, during and after the festival.

CANCELLATIONS We regret refunds of booking fee and/or deposits will not be given for bookings cancelled by exhibitors. In cases of force majore a partial refund may be given on bookings.

FIRE & SAFETY Exhibitors are responsible for the provision of suitable fire safety equipment on their stalls. The Event Organisers and the Fire Safety Officer, of all stands and equipment, reserve the right of inspection. Petrol generators are strictly prohibited.

DAMAGE / LEAKAGE / SPILLAGES Any vehicles trading on site causing damage through leakage will be removed from site without refund and will be liable for cleaning charges. Gazebo traders to ensure matting is used to stop oil, fat and grease damage. Failure to do so will result in cleaning charges. Cooking at indoor events – traders MUST ensure suitable matting is in place and left clean and tidy at the end of the event and ensure matting is used to stop oil, fat and grease damage. Failure to do so will result in cleaning charges.

SECURITY The Event Organisers will not be responsible in any way for the loss or damage to Exhibitors’ property whilst it is on site.

VEHICLES A maximum of one hour is allocated for unloading your vehicle. It is a condition of any events that no vehicles are to be parked on the site during the event opening times. The Event Organisers reserve the right to withdraw the access at their discretion. A manual ‘trolley’ system will be in place to replenish stocks whilst the event is open to the general public. NO GAZEBO’S, VANS OR EQUIPMENT TO BE LEFT ON SITE OVER NIGHT

LITTER/WASTE We request that litter and waste be disposed removed by traders at the end of the event. Exhibitors will be liable for any damage they may cause.

Artisan Cheshire (“we”) promise to respect the confidentiality of any personal data you share with us and we will always take every effort to protect your privacy. 
We pride ourselves on our honesty and openness and will always be clear how, when and why we collect and process your information; we promise we will never do anything with your details that you wouldn’t reasonably expect.
This privacy statement explains how we will use any personal information we collect about you as well as any electronic, written or oral communication.  WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT?
We collect information about you when you make application. The information we collect about you can include your name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth (if relevant).
We collect information about you to ensure the smooth running of the company.
This may include creating a record in your name in our system to record your relevant information.
We will hold and maintain the data for the smooth running of the company. Information will only be shared with those that “need to know” the information at the appropriate time.
We want to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. Please contact us to correct information you think is inaccurate.
The information will only be retained safely for as long as is necessary.
You may contact us at any time  to ask us to delete your personal data from our system.
We will not sell, trade or share your personal information with third parties.
We keep our privacy statement under regular review.
Please contact the team if you have any questions about our privacy statement or information we hold about you:
· By email:  admin@artisancheshire.co.uk
· By telephone: 07711 362555
· Or write to us at: 57 Henry Street, Crewe. CW1 4BH
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